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Ah Ravenloft! Some say it only exists in myth and legends. Others will tell you that the demiplane of dread is as real as any other world. But the truth my friend lies somewhere in between myth and reality, it is something a mere mortal will never fully comprehend. But come and sit by the fire and I will tell you some stories about Ravenloft. I will tell you stories that will terrify you, stories that will make you scream when you hear a noise behind you, stories that will scare you more than you have ever been before.But don't worry, for Ravenloft is a land far far away, beyond the mists of your imagination and the fog of your mind.

I have dedicated these pages to a group of travelers: Blue Moonray, Brahman and Abdonis. They wandered into Ravenloft by accident, as so many have done before them. In these pages you will find their story not only told by a storyteller but also by the three men themselves. Here you will learn what it is like in Ravenloft, will they survive or will they die a slow and painful death?

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Because I wanted some more content in the Dark Site I needed a new layout. Hope you like it!

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I have included some information about the history and future of Ravenloft.

The Story:

Not only Abdonis' Travel journal is online now but also Robert E. Langford's.

The Forum:

Due to a "lack of interest" in the forum I have added a Guestbook, that way I at least know if you like the site or not.


This is totally new! From now on I will write small articles about important (and less important) events concerning the group and Ravenloft in general.

Information about Ravenloft. What is it? Where can I get information?
And new: The history of Ravenloft.

Here you can find information about the members of our Ravenloft player-group. Their backgrounds, relations with other characters, etc...

This is where you find the Travel Journals of our group members. Containing their own version of the facts.

This section is reserved for our Dungeon Master. Here he will reveal his secrets.

Start Discussions about Ravenloft here. Or just teel us what you think of Ravenloft, or ask questions to other visitors.

Links to other Ravenloft and RPG sites.

You control this section. Ravenloft art can be displayed here for all the surfers to see!

Submit your Ravenloft adventures. People can download and rate them.


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Do you write your own Ravenloft adventures, or do you have Ravenloft artwork you want to display on the web?

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This is the third edition of the Dark Site and it keeps getting better.

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